I'm an author from Manchester in the North West of England.

My first two crime novels were published by Kindle Press, and my speculative fiction SmartYellowTM was published by Elsewhen Press. In 2018, my agent Judith Murray secured a two book deal with Corvus Atlantic.

My debut psychological thriller, Perfect Ten, was published in September 2018 and will be followed by a second psychological thriller in 2019.

'An explosive debut thriller about one woman's search for revenge - and the dangerous chain of events she sets in motion...

We've all been there. On the losing end of a relationship.

Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most - her marriage, her reputation, even her children. Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage belonging to the very man who is responsible, her estranged husband Jack.

In a leather holdall, Caroline unearths a dark secret, one that finally confirms her worst suspicions. Jack has kept a detailed diary of all his affairs; every name, every meeting, every lie is recorded. He even marks the women out of ten.

Caroline decides it's time to even the score. She will make this man pay, even if it means risking everything...

I studied storytelling from a psychological perspective, and this interest permeates all my work and all my life.  I am fascinated by the interface between the mind and the external world, the inner and the outer, and where writing sits on that interface as meaning making.  In my own writing I hope that I am communicating not only words, but the silent messages that punctuate our world and bring vivid images to stories that are about people and their lives.

I also write through the filter of my very grounded experience - I've been an auditor, a barmaid, a hot dog stand worker, a dancer, an ice skater (early career!), I crewed tankers, garage attendant, co-op shelf-stacker, caterer, market trader selling knickers, event organiser, model, and much much more! But I love writing the most!

I also write screenplays and short stories. I am now a psychologist and have worked in various capacities including missing people, domestic violence and health. In 2013 I received an MBE for services to vulnerable people.

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