About Jel

About Jel

We provide a full social networking strategy with various levels of cost and involvement.

We use Jel Social Storytelling to shout out about your writing and to develop your online story. This means connected social networking that features real content and common links that will let everyone know about you and focus them on exactly what you want to say. 

In a world where there are 6000 tweets per second, it has never been more important to make yours count. Content is king, and we will never repeat the same information over and over. We work hard to identify a unique message strand to suit you and your story. 

We can also build campaigns to shout your story via different channels. 

Intelligent Storytelling

Jel is much more than a social media company. Here at Jel we have developed a strategy to understand the corporate shape of your story and spread the key elements across social networking. Every business or organization has its unique set of products, services and potential clients. While you look after your USP, we help you to understand your story and how to communicate it as widely as possible.

Why Storytelling? Stories are hardwired into us through culture and life. Psychological and sociological theories confirm that people resonate with communication in storied form. Despite this, business communications often appear in lists and short statement, which, while passing on knowledge about your business, do not evoke and emotional response. In short, people care about stories. They will care about YOUR story.

Why Jel?

Jel has experience of turning the most stark and limited information into rich storytelling and communicating this across social networking and further. Our story is that we care about your business and are committed to making sure that you find out and share the right kind of narrative. Our bespoke service gets up close and personal with your business and finds out what about you and what you do will make your clients and customers tick. We develop specialised hashtags and tags to make sure that you are as visible as you can be.

Who is Jel?

Jel staff includes a narrative specialist, professional writers, business leaders  and social networking professionals. We understand content and keywords and we will make sure that both are as relevant and resonant as possible.

We build your social story and share it via our specialised services:

Jel Comms

Jel Shouts

Jel Shares

Jel Frames

Jel Posts

Jel Stories

Jel Blogs

Jel Messages

Jel Social

We will work with you to identify your social story and help you to understand how best to share it, and share it for you. We will do as much or as little as you need and can work to various needs and budgets. Just ask - we are happy to help!