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Jel Stories

Jel Stories is communicates your online story with connected social networking that features real content and common link. Jel offer bespoke one-off service that:

  • Identifies your corporate story
  • Identifies a central message
  • Agrees keywords and content to use permanently across social networking
  • Authors copy for your website and social media based on the above
  • Monitors results and provides free assessment and changes for the first 6 months

Our experienced consultants will discuss your corporate vision and review current copy and narratives either in person, by Skype or by telephone. We will then provide sample copy and a corporate rationale. Once finalised, we will curate your contents across your business and across your social networking channels.

Pricing:  £7500.00 (includes one year subscription to all Jel services)
Maintenance cost: £1500.00 per annum for quarterly reviews and one year subscription to all Jel services.