Other interesting stuff

On this page I will repost links to interesting writing blogs and writing forums and links to writing books and products. I have gained a lot of knowledge from experienced writers and I would like to share my favourite online places for writers to hang out with like-minded people and where other writers share their experiences and techniques and the tools they use.

Writer’s Notebook – useful for everything writing – get your thoughts onto the page

Kindle Fire – I proof read my work on a Kindle Fire and at Β£49.99 it’s a real bargain.

Scarlet Thomas – Monkeys with Typewriters

Kindle ScoutΒ – Reader powered publishing. Did all your beta readers love your book, but you can’t get an agent or a publisher? Submit to Kindle Scout. But read this link Kindle Scout Experiences

Scriptwriting North – a brilliant group of script and screenwriters on courses to develop their scripts and share their ideas.

Oldham Library Events

Wordfactory.tv – a writing site with a monthly round up of writing opportunities and competitions

OpenLearn at the Open University – free writing courses

Writewords – a forum for writers both published and unpublished

This Itch of Writing – Emma Darwin’s excellent writing blog

Strictly Writing – writing blog


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