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Jacqueline Ward

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Welcome to my world!

A little about me...

I work as a fiction writer. I am a narrative psychologist and I am fascinated by language. I have had crime, romantic comedy, psychological thriller and speculative fiction novels published and I am currently working on an exciting new project.

I also work with people to generate ideas for their novels and screenplays and to help them navigate the world of publishing. I work in an advisory role online, by email or by telephone.

Find out more about my work and if you would like to work with me.

My writing

I have been writing fiction and non-fiction most of my life, but I started writing for publication in 2010. I was published traditionally in 2015 and since then I have worked with Big 5 publishers, independent publisher and digital first publishers.

I am represented by Judith Murray at Greene & Heaton Literary, Film and Media Agency

My experience

I am a narrative and health psychologist. I am Chartered with the British Psychological Society and I am HCPC registered. I fell in love with storytelling when I did a PhD and learned how stories shape our identity and our life.

I have worked in storytelling with individuals and organisations for many years, and in 2013 I received an MBE for services to vulnerable people.

My background and experience have helped me to write what I hope are relatable stories and work with my agent and publisher to bring them to you.


My books...

The Agreement

Your husband is missing.

But do you want him back?

The Replacement

Your husband had an affair.

What would you do if the woman who destroyed your marriage asked for your help?

Teenage Kicks

Set in late 1970s Manchester, Kaye Macey and her friend Janet search for Kaye’s lead-singer sister, Stella, but find much, much more.

Palace Records

A Story of Music, Truth, and Redemption. In the heart of the city, Izzy Cranshaw faces a crossroads. As the owner of Palace Records in Manchester, she's struggling to keep her beloved vinyl haven alive

How To Play Dead

He knows your every move...
She's watching over them. And he's watching her...

Ria Taylor is the manager of a refuge for women whose partners have driven them out of their own homes.

Perfect Ten

Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most - her marriage, her reputation, even her children.

Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage belonging to her ex-husband.

Random Acts Of Unkindness

Her son missing, a desperate detective hunts for clues in a decades-old case with possible connections to England’s notorious Moors Murders . . .

Playlist for a Paper Angel

When one child is found and another is lost, a British police detective is pulled into a dark underworld as she tries to find a connection . . .

What I Left Behind

To find a kidnapped child, a police detective with a hidden past must step into the spotlight—and into the crosshairs.

The Truth Keepers

When a body is found with no fingerprints, three women on the peripherals of war chase down a ticking clock to save humanity.


Katrina Williams, who finds herself on the wrong side of social services. Before long she is being bullied by a gang involved and she discovers SmartYellow

The Midwife

She'd kill to be a mother.

Darkford General Hospital is deeply shaken when its star midwife, Sarah, is arrested for trying to steal a baby.

My writing life...

I love writing. I've been writing since I was in primary school, and since then, stories and creativity have been at the forefront of my life.

I also love connecting with readers, so please do drop me a line or comment on my Facebook, X, Insta or Tiktok.

I write in several different genres, but each of my novels has a subtext of the human condition.

My current projects...

At the moment, I am writing a novel and also a non-fiction project.

My novel is something a little different from what I have written before. I am exploring aspects of conflict in the world today.

My non-fiction project is a book based on my personal change consultancy, Blueprint for Change.



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