#100daysofwriting 2019 Day 19

Patience. It was all going so well. Too well.

My writing tackles difficult subjects while still trying to keep the shape of the embedded stories that resonate with readers. In my current WIP I’m looking at issues around grief and stress and what they can do. But the story is uplifting as well as a quest narrative. It’s complicated.

Because of this I know some people won’t get it. I expect and welcome any comments, positive and negative, because I know people hold different opinions to me and are maybe expecting something different from me. It always makes me examine my work to make sure the message is right and the piece is working. I see it as looking at my abstraction from their point of view, which is a valuable insight. 

Someone didn’t like my ‘difficult subject’ this week and attacked. It was the literary equivalent of ‘all abstract art is scribbles that my two year old could have done’. But that’s OK. It’s part if the job, par for the course.

I discussed it with my mentor and moved on. I will be patient with people who refuse to look at my side of things. But it did stop me writing for a short time to question my motivation. Which is a good thing. But today I’m cracking on, going for 2k words.
How do you deal with critique?