$60k in 4 weeks – yes, really…

I’ve been building my course with Systeme.io and I’ve done founder and CEO Aurelian’s online course $60k in 4 weeks: easy email marketing
I asked him:
“What kind of business does this method work for?”
Here’s what Aurelian has sold using it:
● Online courses
● Coaching programs
● Subscription offers
● Software
● Seminars
● Books
A year ago, he used it to sell a website (It sold for five figures)
His friend made $60,000 using my method to sell Spanish ham and even machines that cut ham!
He shared it with some friends of his who used it to sell foie gras and caviar
(They made $15,000 and $18,000 in sales)
There might be things you can’t sell with this method…
…it’s just that I still have to figure out what they are 😂
So yes, it works for pretty much anything! It sounded too good to be true, but I’ve seen the figures. Systeme.io is well worth getting into. I’ve done the course and it really is an insight into email marketing.

Here’s the course content:
● Part 1: How to earn $30k in 1 week with your email list
● Part 2: How to earn the next $30k in 3 weeks
● Part 3: How to keep on earning from there
● BONUS: How to use what you’ve learned to sell services to businesses and help them make more sales online
Plus, you’ll get access to 2 funnel templates and an email swipe file to launch your products as fast as possible!

You can still take advantage of the 93% discount off the regular price:
Here’s to your success – and mine because I’m having a go too!