A Huge Thank You to NetGalley and Goodreads Reviewers…

My novel How To Play Dead is due to be published on the 7th November and it is currently up on NetGalley for review. It is also open for pre-publication reviews on Goodreads.

How to Play Dead by Jacqueline Ward

I logged in to look at the reviews for How to Play Dead as it is on a subject very close to my heart and I wanted to see that what I tried to convey had been successful. Your reviews give me an idea if I have succeeded.

All I can do is thank the reviewers on NetGalley and Goodreads for really ‘getting it’. All the reviewers have completely understood the premise of the novel and thank goodness they have warmed to the characters! It isn’t an easy story to read and it certainly wasn’t easy to write but if it helps one person to escape this situation or prompts donations, I am very happy.

The women in How to Play Dead ARE SuperWomen and we all play our part – by reviewing it each one of you has shared the message to one more person – so Thank You!