A slight detour….

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I had a change last week and wrote some short stories. I also edited some that I had written a few years ago. It was really interesting to see the difference between them.The stories from about 2006 had a poor sense of ‘POV’ (all fixed now) and I hadn’t indented any paragraphs – something I […]


Know thyself….

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Departing slightly from my recent style of posts, where I mainly conduct a critique of aspects of society, today I’m going to write about me! I have written about love during February, not so much romantic love, but more about love that has developed over time. I spent the first half of my life not […]

domestic violence

Let’s talk about love, Chris Brown and Rhianna

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With Valentine’s Day come and gone in a whirl of over-commercialised expense, we emerge at the other end of the week with a statement from Chris Brown regarding the alleged domestic abuse incident of his girlfriend Rhianna. According to the LA Times, Chris Brown says “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I […]


A day to remember….

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Veering slightly but not wholly from the subject of feminism, I am celebrating today as one that will be remarkable in history. I have great hopes for President Obama. Not just because of the symbolism of equality that this man and his family bring to a position of power, but for his policies also. I […]