Seven Levels of Facebook

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This article appears in the Huffington Post today  During lunch with my daughter the other day I found myself discussing Facebook. Again. It seems that everywhere people are checking their status or talking about social networking in general and Facebook in particular. For me, Facebook is a double-edged sword. I’m an avid Facebook user but […]

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This week has seen me begin a new non-fiction project where I will be writing about psychology. As in any project, the first delicious part is research. I always feel like I am somehow not working when I am researching, perhaps it’s because my passion lies in knowledge and if left to my own devices […]

Manchester – saving the rest of the UK from getting wet

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I love Manchester. I have lived abroad several times in my run up to settling down, but my heart always ached for the city street, always slightly damp from almost end to end rain. The city centre has an attraction all of it’s own, with the cherry-tree lined Victorian Piccadilly Gardens, the former site of […]

Time management, time travel and time envy.

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The one question that stumps me is ‘What do you do?’ At parties or networking events or seminars or just down the pub, it’s one of the first questions people who don’t know me ask. I won’t bore you with a list of all the things I do, that’s reserved for those who proclaimed that […]