Alan Garner, books and me: growing up in other worlds

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I never could have imagined how opening books as a child would have an effect on the rest of my life. Long before I heard of Tolkien’s Hobbit, I went hand in hand with Alan Garner’s Colin and Susan to Alderley Edge in the pages of The Weirdstone of Brisinghamen. I would have been about […]

Review: Boneland by Alan Garner

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Like many others I read Boneland as a much awaited sequel to Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath. I’d already read reports that the novel would be Garner in ‘grown-up’ mode and I eagerly anticipated a conclusion to the story. I read the novel in two sittings, roughly half and half. After reading […]

Can’t wait to read…

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It’s not very often that I am dying to read a certain book. I stack up recommendations in my ‘to be read’ pile and read them in order, but today I’m starting a very special experience. I’m starting Boneland by Alan Garner. I’ve re-read The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath in preparation, […]

Art and Science holding hands – A Tribute to Alan Turing

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Alan Turing’s name and work has cropped up in my life in many ways. My cognitive science studies led me to look into AI, and my subsequent qualitative work caused me to form a position in my scientific study which remains today.Later, as his personal circumstances emerged, I had cause to think deeply about what had happened […]