Find the good… #findthegood

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Life is stressful for lots of people at the moment. The endless gloomy weather we have had in the UK has underpinned a general feeling of dissatisfaction, if the news headlines and social networking sites are anything to go by. In my own life, I am emerging from a bittersweet year when I got my […]

Review: Boneland by Alan Garner

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Like many others I read Boneland as a much awaited sequel to Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath. I’d already read reports that the novel would be Garner in ‘grown-up’ mode and I eagerly anticipated a conclusion to the story. I read the novel in two sittings, roughly half and half. After reading […]

Joking about mental health – a laugh too far?

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Mad. Loony. Mental. Depressed. All words used every day to describe our moods or our anger. All words also associated with serious aspects of mental health. With conditions ranging from debilitating to life enhancing, mental health is a constant zeitgeist. However, various words relating to mental health have crept into everyday language and are used […]