BREAKING NEWS: We don’t know everything…

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I took a bus ride to Manchester yesterday to see an art exhibition. The bus was very full and I had no option but to sit upstairs, at the back, near a testosterone of teenage boys. The journey took me twenty minutes and during that time one of them hardly paused for breath, the main […]

When it all gets too much….

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I’ve resisted writing about Nick Griffin and the BNP. I live in the North West of England and believe me racism is always a current issue. I was angry when they gained representation in the European elections but, like many, had to acknowledge that people had voted for them. It really made me wonder who […]

Keeping it real or selling out?

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When I was young my parents called me awkward and stubborn because I would only do what I (sometimes misguidedly) thought was right. I’ve never really lost this trait and as a result I sometimes make things harder for myself. Sometimes, though, making things harder for myself has rewards in other areas of my life. […]