Madonna at 60

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I’m pausing my very serious book posts to reveal an amazing fact about myself: I am Madonna. Many of you who know me through my day job or through writing will probably think that I am the furthest from Madonna that you could imagine – serious, studious and sober. But ask the people who have […]

September challenge: 30 days Facebook-free

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As life becomes much busier after the summer holidays, I’ve found myself in a semi-hypnotic state, alternating between Facebook and Candy Crush. Over the summer, with the assistance of a new laptop supposedly bought specifically for writing, I have become more and more interested in the ‘status’ and ‘level’ of other people. It was only […]

Baaaaaaaaa! The outcome of almost a week away from social networking sites

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It’s been a funny old week where I’ve been making contact with my focused, hard working self and avoiding my sheep-like, fuzzy headed social networking self. I needed to get some serious work done in order to progress to the next level in the game of jacquiworld and to do this I had to cut […]