And finally for today… a positive study about teenage parents at last

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I know being a single teenage parent isn’t ideal in the eyes of most people. Mainly those who haven’t been one and who like to judge others and generalise their own opinion across the population, which isn’t really all that scientific. Yet many teenage parents have flourished in the face of adversity and here is […]

No, Fay, I’m the only real feminist……

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I’ve decided to blog today on the subject of competitiveness. As anyone who know me will testify, I am a highly competitive person. For me, it’s not the winning but the taking part. Yesterday I got terribly excited about the Manchester Blog Awards 2009 and nominated my own blog! My daughter also nominated me and […]

Sex differences, feminism, mind reading and God

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It’s really been an interesting week for me. As I emerge myself further in my writing about women’s health and sex difference in terms of feminism, a media slanging match has erupted about equality and general and domestic violence in particular. A Mail article about Harriet Harman spearheading feminism by making it more difficult to […]

UK Politics, Women and a touch of success.

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Oh my goodness! This week marked a ‘first’ in my life. For the first time ever I had no faith in any political party, not even secretly. I have been slightly distracted from my moanaholicism this week because I have been basking in the success of my identity book contract, and slightly enjoying the puzzled […]

Optimism – breaking through the glass ceiling

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Having recovered slightly from all the excitement of last week and the inauguration of President Obama and Mrs Obama’s dress, I still feel optimistic. As the theme of this month’s blog is feminism, I want to write about how optimism and positive thinking is related to the ‘glass ceiling’. I am a working class woman […]

Feminism and writing – are we free?

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In an attempt to organise myself and hence my blog better I have decided to have a theme for each month. The theme for January is feminism. Feminism. It’s a tricky one. The problem with feminism is that in the struggle to define itself and free women from the bondage of institutionalised inequality, it has […]

Don’t blame it on love……..

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Still on the subject of writing and storytelling, I (and many other writers) have realised that there is a link between storytelling and psychology. Apart from my own PhD study which I have explained in the last blog, there have been many psychologists that write who have made a strong connection between identity and storytelling. […]