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An interesting development happened as I was reading through a finished novel. When the writing process is complete I edit and edit again. Edit, read, edit. This particular novel is one that has gone through several transformations until I am finally satisfied that it is finished. I start a piece of writing, be it a […]


Gestation of ideas in creativity

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This week I’ve re-posted a popular blog post from November 2011 about gestation of ideas:I’m gearing up for National Novel Writing month. During November I’ll be writing about 2000 words per day to progress my latest novel. I’m currently in the gestation stage, where something small will trigger me into thinking along a particular tangent. […]


How do you know what to write about? Storytelling and listening

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Continuing the ‘questions about writing’ series, probably the most popular query is ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ While I love writing novels and short stories, I’m also an academic writer, and I write articles for journals and on line health publications as well as day to day in my job in safety. Writing […]