Countdown week – meet Lisa Connelly

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Six days to go to the release of Playlist for a Paper Angel and today we meet Lisa Connelly. Lisa is a teenage girl who has spent most of her life looking after her younger brothers and sisters while her parents spent their time drinking and arguing. Leaving home early, Lisa meets Declan Connelly and […]

Excerpt from new gripping crime fiction novel Random Acts of Unkindness…

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Random Acts of Unkindness is now published by Kindle Press! The people who nominated on Kindle Scout have already received their free copy and the reviews are coming in. For anyone who hasn’t got their copy yet, I’m posting the first chapter – if you enjoy it you can get it here CHAPTER ONE  I […]

Writing for story or writing for genre?

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I’ve always been confused about what category my stories fall into. I used to think they were ‘chick lit’ but, as I’ve written before, they became too dark. Then I thought that I would write ‘crime’. Sometimes it came out as ‘gritty women’s fiction’. Then, somehow, I wrote a speculative fiction novel. When I started […]

Literary Fiction or Genre Fiction: who decides?

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I’m not the first to write about this subject and I won’t be the last, but watching Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro debate genre fiction piqued my interest in genre boundaries. They both noted during the interview that they felt that genre boundaries are disappearing and are outdated. Only the other day, an author on […]

Writing landscapes – places to love and hate

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The location for my latest novel is Tintagel. It’s a wonderful place that I visited many times, both through stories and on holiday. Before anyone thinks I am on commission from the Cornish Tourism Board, I’m going to explore the perennial writing advice of ‘write what you know’.Research is a big part of writing anything […]

Stopping and looking around..

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Advice about achieving your dreams and having a happy life are centered on moving forward – onwards and upwards. We often feel like we have nothing, or not enough, and that we have empty lives that we must fill with ‘something more’. Sometimes, though, it’s good to look around and really appreciate what you have. […]

Thankful Thursday: a few good things

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I’m thankful for loving. Not love, because I have my reservations about the greeting-card socially constructed model of ‘love’ that fuels jealousy and obsession and is on the opposite dialectic to hate. More of a action of loving, because it feels good. Whatever drives people in loving, where people have a mutual respect and would […]

Ascribing meaning, time and Michael Jackson

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When I heard that Michael Jackson had died I was on Facebook. I immediately called my daughter and we voyeuristically discussed whether it was true or not. Like many people, I found Jackson a tragic figure in later life, particularly at his press conference for the launch of his London Tour. His music, however, is […]