Writing relationship conflict – Darling, Is this Love?

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The violets explode inside me When I meet your eyes Then I’m spinning And I’m diving Like a cloud Of starlings Darling, Is this love? This lyric from the opening track, Starlings, of the Mercury prize winning Elbow album, The Seldom Seen Kid, is the perfect description of romantic love for me. Lyrics have always […]

Let’s talk about love, Chris Brown and Rhianna

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With Valentine’s Day come and gone in a whirl of over-commercialised expense, we emerge at the other end of the week with a statement from Chris Brown regarding the alleged domestic abuse incident of his girlfriend Rhianna. According to the LA Times, Chris Brown says “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I […]

Optimism – breaking through the glass ceiling

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Having recovered slightly from all the excitement of last week and the inauguration of President Obama and Mrs Obama’s dress, I still feel optimistic. As the theme of this month’s blog is feminism, I want to write about how optimism and positive thinking is related to the ‘glass ceiling’. I am a working class woman […]

On Love…….

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It’s Christmas time and traditionally a time for relaxation and spending time with those we love. I’m interested in dialectics and because Christmas is such a focus point for relationships and all the happiness that comes with freedom to spend time with family and friends, there is inevitably another opposite pole to all the festivities. […]

Don’t blame it on love……..

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Still on the subject of writing and storytelling, I (and many other writers) have realised that there is a link between storytelling and psychology. Apart from my own PhD study which I have explained in the last blog, there have been many psychologists that write who have made a strong connection between identity and storytelling. […]