Something about this time of year…

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It’s been a wonderful week, starting with Beltane and a bank holiday, then some wonderful news for friends, then the realisation that this time last year I attended Keris Stainton’s book launch in London and met up with online friends who became dear in-real-life friends. I love the beginning of May. It’s my partner’s birthday […]

Narrative therapy and the power of owning your own story

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Narrative psychology is concerned with storytelling and how this is contextualised in everyday life. Narrative therapy can include the process of reframing this story in the light of exploring new awareness. However, this should not be confused with person-centred counselling, or with other methodologies that require ‘outcomes’ or measurement. To celebrate the publication of my […]

Groovy Tuesday! Fractals in nature

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Although nature is wonderful to look at and experience on a superficial level, a deeper understanding of how it works can be gained through fractals. Fractals are repeating structures found in nature, from the huge to the quantum. Many people dismiss fractals as ‘boring science and maths’ because they don’t really understand what science and […]