My Write as a Woman

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A while ago I saw an invitation to submit a short story to Women’s Words Manchester as part of an archive of women’s stories about Manchester. The stories were to be archived to celebrate 100 years since some women got the vote, and was supported by the Pankhurst Centre , Manchester Libraries.Archives+. Soroptomoists Europe and the Arts […]

Marie-Thérèse Perfect Ten

Angry Women: Picasso and Amazon Reviewers

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Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Tate Modern in London to see the Pablo Picasso exhibition ‘1932 – LOVE, FAME, TRAGEDY’ I knew a little about Picasso’s life but this visit was a real education about who he was, not least how he divided his time between his wife Olga and his […]

The Times They are A-Changin’

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‘All great changes are preceded by chaos.’ – Deepak ChopraEven as the eternal optimist I have to admit that the times, they are a changin’. I’m interested in storytelling, not just the written word on the page, but as a narrative psychologist, spoken-word stories of everyday lives. The key to good storytelling is the listener, as […]

Crime writing and how I arrived here…

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Like most people, I started writing at school. Then I didn’t give up later on. Likewise, reading began at around five years old and I continued. So when I decided to write novels I thought I had a fairly good grounding. How difficult could it be? Not so easy, it turned out. I began writing […]

Narrative therapy and the power of owning your own story

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Narrative psychology is concerned with storytelling and how this is contextualised in everyday life. Narrative therapy can include the process of reframing this story in the light of exploring new awareness. However, this should not be confused with person-centred counselling, or with other methodologies that require ‘outcomes’ or measurement. To celebrate the publication of my […]

Narrative therapy and the link to literary narratives

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At a conference the other day someone asked me if I thought that a novel was an example of a psychological narrative and if it was therapeutic to the writer and/or the reader. The word narrative, used in the context of describing language, is broad based and therefore complex. The word is used in both […]

Fuming on the Forums – is stroking other writers right?

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The virtual world of internet forums is always going to be a difficult place. My psychological expertise is in identity construction and narratives psychology and virtual identity is one of my favourites. It’s so easy to adopt different mask online that sometimes people get carried away. I am a member of several writing forums, Writewords, […]