More main character worries – whose voice is it anyway?

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Inevitably, it’s back to writing! I’m three chapters in on the ‘must make my main character sympathetic’ novel. Yesterday was an epic event as I was in a foul mood and yet I managed to come up with a compelling opening paragraph and a new title! Still, after all the messing around I had to […]

Optimism – breaking through the glass ceiling

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Having recovered slightly from all the excitement of last week and the inauguration of President Obama and Mrs Obama’s dress, I still feel optimistic. As the theme of this month’s blog is feminism, I want to write about how optimism and positive thinking is related to the ‘glass ceiling’. I am a working class woman […]


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Since this is my writing blog, I should write about writing! OK. I am a writer. I have written many pieces including short stories (some published), poems (some published), four novels, a 200000 word thesis and lots of technical stuff for work. I will always write, I consider it my freedom. Since I have escaped […]