The Times They are A-Changin’

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‘All great changes are preceded by chaos.’ – Deepak ChopraEven as the eternal optimist I have to admit that the times, they are a changin’. I’m interested in storytelling, not just the written word on the page, but as a narrative psychologist, spoken-word stories of everyday lives. The key to good storytelling is the listener, as […]

Optimism… a recipe for a successful new year

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Life is full of triumphs and disappointments, but it’s telling that we often focus on the disappointments and remember them better than the triumphs. Last year I experimented with keeping count of both. I’ve often used the ‘write down your problems’ – or disappointments or lack of achievement – as a solution-finding exercises, and this […]

Optimism – breaking through the glass ceiling

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Having recovered slightly from all the excitement of last week and the inauguration of President Obama and Mrs Obama’s dress, I still feel optimistic. As the theme of this month’s blog is feminism, I want to write about how optimism and positive thinking is related to the ‘glass ceiling’. I am a working class woman […]