Find the good… #findthegood

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Life is stressful for lots of people at the moment. The endless gloomy weather we have had in the UK has underpinned a general feeling of dissatisfaction, if the news headlines and social networking sites are anything to go by. In my own life, I am emerging from a bittersweet year when I got my […]

Layers of life – ups and downs

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Yesterday I visited the National Air Traffic Control Centre and stood in the viewing gallery marvelling at how the people controlling the flights looked so calm and relaxed. I found out something I never realised before, despite being a regular flyer: how the airspace is split both horizontally and vertically. This made me suddenly very […]

Baaaaaaaaa! The outcome of almost a week away from social networking sites

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It’s been a funny old week where I’ve been making contact with my focused, hard working self and avoiding my sheep-like, fuzzy headed social networking self. I needed to get some serious work done in order to progress to the next level in the game of jacquiworld and to do this I had to cut […]

Positive thinking – glass half full?

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I couldn’t let this week pass without writing about an uncomfortable experience with the photocopier repair man. In he came, with his hard black case and his porn moustache, a distinct throwback from the days of Jason King. He unpacked, immediately requested cup of coffee, and began to work on the machine. Eventually I decided […]


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I get notes from the Universe from Mike Dooley at Keris Stainton put me on to Mike Dooley’s website and whatever you believe in, it can’t help but improve you life. The website itself in concerned with the Law of Attraction based on ‘The Secret’ which has a lot of good things to say. […]

Seven days in the garret – final update – finding the plot

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Wow! Seven days of writing. It’s enough to drive someone to… find the plot. These seven days have been great. Sitting at my very untidy desk thinking and writing, it’s been luxury. I’ve decided on the full plot for The Waiting List and almost finished the identity book. The incubation was worth it. Better that […]