Mind Games…

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The term ‘mind games’ has emerged this week in many guises in my life. Whenever I am researching a potential character for my writing, I look around in the world to see how people operate. Usually it’s physical traits I look for, such as facial expressions or non-verbal communication, as writing these actions in gives […]

Don’t stop believing… in baby cabbages and islands

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Until I was twenty eight I believed that Brussels sprouts were baby cabbages. It’s true. Despite having a family, a mortgage and a job, I believed this. It wasn’t until I began to understand the nature of belief and truth that I understood why. We learn stuff. We remember it in packets or schema. These […]

Change is good…

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It’s been a funny couple of weeks with a couple of u-turns. The most significant was my return to fiction writing. I decided on a change of genre and wrote a psychological thriller – they say write what you know! I ‘d had a big break from fiction writing because of disillusionment with the publishing […]

Narrative therapy and the power of owning your own story

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Narrative psychology is concerned with storytelling and how this is contextualised in everyday life. Narrative therapy can include the process of reframing this story in the light of exploring new awareness. However, this should not be confused with person-centred counselling, or with other methodologies that require ‘outcomes’ or measurement. To celebrate the publication of my […]

Layers of life – ups and downs

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Yesterday I visited the National Air Traffic Control Centre and stood in the viewing gallery marvelling at how the people controlling the flights looked so calm and relaxed. I found out something I never realised before, despite being a regular flyer: how the airspace is split both horizontally and vertically. This made me suddenly very […]

Books and resonance – mind reading and making it up

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Luckily for me books are very popular! You can see people everywhere reading books – at the bus stop, in a cafe, on their lunch break, all avidly reading someone else’s thoughts. As every writer knows, the characters they create are made up – fictional, if you will – and the extent that a part […]

Stopping and looking around..

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Advice about achieving your dreams and having a happy life are centered on moving forward – onwards and upwards. We often feel like we have nothing, or not enough, and that we have empty lives that we must fill with ‘something more’. Sometimes, though, it’s good to look around and really appreciate what you have. […]