Wacky Wednesday! It’s all in the mind…

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In this optical illusion we can see movement even though we know the picture is still and that it’s a ‘trick’. The mechanics of our eyes interacting with our brain tell us one thing is happening, yet we know in our conscious mind it is not. This illustrates the difference between information and understanding, but […]

It’s all about me! Or is it?

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I’ve been running a programme called ‘The ‘Me’ Project!’ for a while now and it’s been hugely successful. Rather than changing X drastically in Y number of weeks, it develops a change in thinking over time. As a narrative psychologist and a researcher I have kept track of the ways people have changed through the […]

Narrative therapy and the link to literary narratives

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At a conference the other day someone asked me if I thought that a novel was an example of a psychological narrative and if it was therapeutic to the writer and/or the reader. The word narrative, used in the context of describing language, is broad based and therefore complex. The word is used in both […]

Validation and critique: strengthening your heart

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I won National Novel Writing Month today. This may seem like a massive accolade, and to anyone who has ferociously typed fifty thousand words in a month, it is. To those who look it up on the website and who quickly come to realise that everyone who writes fifty thousand words is a winner, the […]

What to write? Fiction mirroring everyday life.

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How do writers decide what to write? There is a romanticised idea that writers stick steadfastly to their muse, creating an innovative piece of work that is a mirror to their soul. This is, in some part, true. However, those writing for publication must bend to commerce and produce as certain format and write within […]

When it all gets too much….

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I’ve resisted writing about Nick Griffin and the BNP. I live in the North West of England and believe me racism is always a current issue. I was angry when they gained representation in the European elections but, like many, had to acknowledge that people had voted for them. It really made me wonder who […]

Up close and personal – media and manipulation

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Being a fairly political person any social injustice pushes my buttons. It’s easy for me to get upset about any kind of discrimination and this week has been a shocker. Starting with the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ debacle where Anton made a racist remark apparently as a joke, my immediate reactions was ‘when did laughing at […]

Fuming on the Forums – is stroking other writers right?

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The virtual world of internet forums is always going to be a difficult place. My psychological expertise is in identity construction and narratives psychology and virtual identity is one of my favourites. It’s so easy to adopt different mask online that sometimes people get carried away. I am a member of several writing forums, Writewords, […]