Avoiding the hole in the road

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Original Post My lack of blogging over the past weeks has been due to some extreme focus on writing a paper that has taken my interest. I love being focused and interested; instead of getting caught up in family’s and friends’ drama I can retreat into my own world of thinking. Whilst this may sound […]


It’s all about me! Or is it?

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I’ve been running a programme called ‘The ‘Me’ Project!’ for a while now and it’s been hugely successful. Rather than changing X drastically in Y number of weeks, it develops a change in thinking over time. As a narrative psychologist and a researcher I have kept track of the ways people have changed through the […]


Fuming on the Forums – is stroking other writers right?

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The virtual world of internet forums is always going to be a difficult place. My psychological expertise is in identity construction and narratives psychology and virtual identity is one of my favourites. It’s so easy to adopt different mask online that sometimes people get carried away. I am a member of several writing forums, Writewords, […]