Quantum physics

Particle Storytelling…

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I can’t deny it. I’ve got one foot in storytelling and another in science. I’ve always been interested in how people think and why people do stuff, and my training as a scientist places me perfectly to explore this, both through measuring and through understanding. This is because science itself is not the rigid, contained […]


Writing novel number five…

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I’m extremely happy to tell you that I’ve finished novel number five. Finished the first draft, that is. I’ve still got a lot of editing and words to take out and put in, but the basic story is there. It’s been a journey that started as the Dirty Sparkle! project with a novel called, unsurprisingly, […]


Nanowrimo – the half way mark

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This week marks the halfway post in National Novel Writing Month. How’s everyone doing? I am pleased to reports that I’m still doing well and surpassing the word count total for today. I’m absolutely delighted with my novel so far (obviously it needs editing, but that’s for another day) and I’ve learned a valuable lesson […]


Trees and numbers

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I just watched the film Pi. It was my second attempt to watch it – the first time ironically gave me a migraine with the flashing lights. The reason I watched it is partly because someone on Facebook recommended it when I posted about patterns in nature and partly because I have been thinking very […]


Quantum Physics

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One subject I keep coming back to in my reading is quantum physics. I have a perpetual interest in what is ‘real’ and what is not, again linked to meditation and Buddhism. Also being a big fan of postmodernism and critical realism, I have been interested in the concept of all meaning created by language, […]