Perfect Ten: writing about revenge…

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To mark the release of my novel Perfect Ten I wanted to talk about how I came to write it and why I chose revenge as the theme. When I tell people that the theme of the novel is revenge there are raised eyebrows and curiosity as to what Caroline, the main character in Perfect […]

Marketing through social networking – a smart move or unprofessional?

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Last month I attended a marketing meeting. The focus of the marketing meeting was, unsurprisingly, selling things, and how effective this is through social networking. The presenter showed us a range of products as follows: a garment, a book, a CD and a piece of luggage. He immediately discarded the garment and the luggage with a large […]

Baaaaaaaaa! The outcome of almost a week away from social networking sites

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It’s been a funny old week where I’ve been making contact with my focused, hard working self and avoiding my sheep-like, fuzzy headed social networking self. I needed to get some serious work done in order to progress to the next level in the game of jacquiworld and to do this I had to cut […]

Della Says…..

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OMG. ‘Della’s over the moon when she kisses her long-standing crush at a party – but then she discovers her diary has disappeared… When scans of embarrassing pages are sent to her mobile and appear on Facebook, Della’s distraught – how can she enjoy her first proper romance when someone, somewhere, knows all her deepest, […]