Madonna at 60

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I’m pausing my very serious book posts to reveal an amazing fact about myself: I am Madonna. Many of you who know me through my day job or through writing will probably think that I am the furthest from Madonna that you could imagine – serious, studious and sober. But ask the people who have […]

Books and resonance – mind reading and making it up

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Luckily for me books are very popular! You can see people everywhere reading books – at the bus stop, in a cafe, on their lunch break, all avidly reading someone else’s thoughts. As every writer knows, the characters they create are made up – fictional, if you will – and the extent that a part […]

Stopping and looking around..

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Advice about achieving your dreams and having a happy life are centered on moving forward – onwards and upwards. We often feel like we have nothing, or not enough, and that we have empty lives that we must fill with ‘something more’. Sometimes, though, it’s good to look around and really appreciate what you have. […]

Thinking, Watching, Learning… self help and personal beliefs

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is featured in the Guardian this week as the UK release of the film looms. The article summarises the book and the resulting merchandise and marvels at the number of people who have ‘followed’ the book. In many ways self-help books are part personal experiences and part instruction manuals for […]

Where will you be in five years? The end of an era as another one begins…

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After finishing a major project on Friday, I felt a sense of loss and a huge hole in my life. Ten-plus years in the making, I had always found a way to extend the identity project in some way, always found another idea to expand. Enough is enough, and any more would be a descent […]

Cruel to be kind or kind to be cruel? The role of truth and intention.

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After finishing the latest cycle of Project: ME! with a client, I’ve turned my attention temporarily to my psychological book, Identity, Health and Women, which is now ready to go to print. I’ve approved the jacket and the text is back with the printer so now it’s on to the publicity for it. November, when […]

It’s all about me! Or is it?

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I’ve been running a programme called ‘The ‘Me’ Project!’ for a while now and it’s been hugely successful. Rather than changing X drastically in Y number of weeks, it develops a change in thinking over time. As a narrative psychologist and a researcher I have kept track of the ways people have changed through the […]