Layers of life – ups and downs

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Yesterday I visited the National Air Traffic Control Centre and stood in the viewing gallery marvelling at how the people controlling the flights looked so calm and relaxed. I found out something I never realised before, despite being a regular flyer: how the airspace is split both horizontally and vertically. This made me suddenly very […]

Where will you be in five years? The end of an era as another one begins…

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After finishing a major project on Friday, I felt a sense of loss and a huge hole in my life. Ten-plus years in the making, I had always found a way to extend the identity project in some way, always found another idea to expand. Enough is enough, and any more would be a descent […]

Me, Myself and Identity – Circadian Rhythms and Gaia Theory

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I was talking to my friend and work colleague the other day about the clocks going forward last week and how long it takes to affect me. My colleague said it takes her about a week. For me, it’s about two weeks. The interesting point in this conversation was them not knowing about circadian rhythms […]

The power of the internet, time travel and magic

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I just deleted 53826 spam emails. 53826. I have an old Freeserve account which transferred to Orange and somehow I forgot to check it for just over two weeks. That’s how so many stupid messages offering me penis enhancements, online degrees, millions of pounds to be transferred to my bank account due to lottery wins/someone […]

Time management, time travel and time envy.

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The one question that stumps me is ‘What do you do?’ At parties or networking events or seminars or just down the pub, it’s one of the first questions people who don’t know me ask. I won’t bore you with a list of all the things I do, that’s reserved for those who proclaimed that […]

Ascribing meaning, time and Michael Jackson

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When I heard that Michael Jackson had died I was on Facebook. I immediately called my daughter and we voyeuristically discussed whether it was true or not. Like many people, I found Jackson a tragic figure in later life, particularly at his press conference for the launch of his London Tour. His music, however, is […]