LockdownTown Oldham Reloaded – Day 7 – Location, location, location…

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While Oldham is still in lockdown, other parts of the UK are loosening their grip. The British Museum opened yesterday and seeing the inside of my beloved London bolthole tugged at my heartstrings. I used to spend a lot of time in London. But since March I haven’t been there and I don’t think I […]

Am I in your novel? Truth and lies…

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Another popular question, particularly from friends and relatives, is: ‘Am I in your novel?’ The answer is: maybe. Not a single one of my novels or short stories is based entirely on a real person. However, inevitably, because of my own experiences and memories, filtered through my imagination, some characters might have elements of people […]

BREAKING NEWS: We don’t know everything…

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I took a bus ride to Manchester yesterday to see an art exhibition. The bus was very full and I had no option but to sit upstairs, at the back, near a testosterone of teenage boys. The journey took me twenty minutes and during that time one of them hardly paused for breath, the main […]

Nanowrimo – the half way mark

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This week marks the halfway post in National Novel Writing Month. How’s everyone doing? I am pleased to reports that I’m still doing well and surpassing the word count total for today. I’m absolutely delighted with my novel so far (obviously it needs editing, but that’s for another day) and I’ve learned a valuable lesson […]

Cruel to be kind or kind to be cruel? The role of truth and intention.

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After finishing the latest cycle of Project: ME! with a client, I’ve turned my attention temporarily to my psychological book, Identity, Health and Women, which is now ready to go to print. I’ve approved the jacket and the text is back with the printer so now it’s on to the publicity for it. November, when […]

Beginnings – writing, truth and time travel

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write. Like any good narrative psychologist I automatically turned to the story of my life and tried to remember when I first loved writing. I cast my mind back to school, as far back as I could remember into the blue and green splattered paint, the […]