Divided we are not

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Oldham gets a lot of bad press, including misrepresentation from Nigel Farage this week claiming that many areas in Oldham are ‘no-go areas’. It just so happens that the venue for my author event was smack bang in the centre of one of these areas. Alexandra Park, a beautiful Victorian space in the heart of Oldham, is often pitched by racists as somewhere race war battles are in full force every day of the week.

Up close and personal – media and manipulation

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Being a fairly political person any social injustice pushes my buttons. It’s easy for me to get upset about any kind of discrimination and this week has been a shocker. Starting with the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ debacle where Anton made a racist remark apparently as a joke, my immediate reactions was ‘when did laughing at […]

UK Politics, Women and a touch of success.

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Oh my goodness! This week marked a ‘first’ in my life. For the first time ever I had no faith in any political party, not even secretly. I have been slightly distracted from my moanaholicism this week because I have been basking in the success of my identity book contract, and slightly enjoying the puzzled […]