Feeling like an author

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Lots of writers and authors report that they don’t ‘feel’ like ‘proper’ writers and authors. Almost every author I have met has told me that they measure their success by their next project, and only then will they feel more like the real deal. I enjoy the creative process very much, and several novels in, […]

To self-publish, or not to self-publish? That is the question.

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Publishing options for authors of fiction have changed. It is no longer essential to have an agent and a publisher, because various companies such as Amazon and Smashwords are facilitating authors in their quest to publish a book. However, agents and publishers exist to turn our novels into commercial products and, without them, can this be achieved? […]

Validation and critique: strengthening your heart

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I won National Novel Writing Month today. This may seem like a massive accolade, and to anyone who has ferociously typed fifty thousand words in a month, it is. To those who look it up on the website and who quickly come to realise that everyone who writes fifty thousand words is a winner, the […]

Keeping it real or selling out?

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When I was young my parents called me awkward and stubborn because I would only do what I (sometimes misguidedly) thought was right. I’ve never really lost this trait and as a result I sometimes make things harder for myself. Sometimes, though, making things harder for myself has rewards in other areas of my life. […]

Feminism and writing – are we free?

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In an attempt to organise myself and hence my blog better I have decided to have a theme for each month. The theme for January is feminism. Feminism. It’s a tricky one. The problem with feminism is that in the struggle to define itself and free women from the bondage of institutionalised inequality, it has […]