Impostor syndrome: a working class writer and the scenic route

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There are a lot of questions lately about where all the working class writers are; I am here. I was born in a deprived area to parents who worked in factory and trade jobs and who had not attended university. They lived with relatives in the 1960s and saved for a house deposit. When I […]

Flawed Mothers in Fiction – or are they?

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To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, from today until the end of March I’ll be writing articles about ‘flawed’ women in fiction. As a psychologist and as a woman, I have never warmed to passive women in fiction. I see them as a foil to the ‘bad man’ and isn’t that too easy? […]

The Story of My Story: Perfect Ten

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Now January is over and done I’m starting to look forward to 2018 even more. In case I hadn’t mentioned it, I have a novel out this year! Perfect Ten will be published on the 6th September 2018. As you can imagine, this is very exciting for me, and I’m going to start at the […]

When I went on a script writing weekend… lessons learned

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Last weekend I spent three days at Whalley Abbey in Blackburn, Lancashire with Scriptwriting North. Fourteen of us arrived fresh for writing, table reads and some lovely food. But what we got was much, much more. We started with a workshop in character, which was very useful, particularly when it got practical. I mapped out […]

Alan Garner, books and me: growing up in other worlds

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I never could have imagined how opening books as a child would have an effect on the rest of my life. Long before I heard of Tolkien’s Hobbit, I went hand in hand with Alan Garner’s Colin and Susan to Alderley Edge in the pages of The Weirdstone of Brisinghamen. I would have been about […]

How do you know what to write about? Storytelling and listening

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Continuing the ‘questions about writing’ series, probably the most popular query is ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ While I love writing novels and short stories, I’m also an academic writer, and I write articles for journals and on line health publications as well as day to day in my job in safety. Writing […]

Feeling like an author

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Lots of writers and authors report that they don’t ‘feel’ like ‘proper’ writers and authors. Almost every author I have met has told me that they measure their success by their next project, and only then will they feel more like the real deal. I enjoy the creative process very much, and several novels in, […]

To self-publish, or not to self-publish? That is the question.

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Publishing options for authors of fiction have changed. It is no longer essential to have an agent and a publisher, because various companies such as Amazon and Smashwords are facilitating authors in their quest to publish a book. However, agents and publishers exist to turn our novels into commercial products and, without them, can this be achieved? […]