DS Jan Pearce Series now on Audible – get the whole series free…

I’ve been working with the wonderful Laura Brydon to bring the DS Jan Pearce series to Audible. I searched for a narrator for a long time because I wanted to make sure that Jan’s voice was realistic and true to her character. When I heard Laura’s audition of Jan and Bessie I knew she would be fantasic – and she was.

There was a moment when Laura was recording Random Acts of Unkindness, when I heard Bessie’s voice for the first time, that I was in tears. It was exactly as I had heard it as i was writing it. Laura has managed to convey all the feeling poor Bessie has for her missing child as well as being relatable.

The series is available on Audible now. In the coming weeks I’ll be giving away free codes for the complete series of three books – including bestselling Random Acts of Unkindness – to my newsletter subscribers on a first-come-first-served basis so sign up to receive them!