What, Where, When? with Emma Kavanagh

Continuing the What, Where, When? feature of writers and their writing processes, I am very pleased to welcome Emma Kavanagh, author of Falling, to the blog to talk about her writing life.

emmaHi Emma. What do you write – what are you currently writing and what made you start writing in the first place? I currently have two things on the go. I’m mid-way through the line edits of book 2 – The Casualties – and it seems to be going pretty well, so fingers crossed that will be done soon. I’m also working on book 3, which is very much in its fledgling state. I pretty much have the entire thing planned out and I cannot wait to really get my teeth into it. As to what made me start writing, I have always known that some day I would write, that it’s in my bones. But for a long time I hadn’t found the right story. Then one day I got an idea that I just couldn’t shake off no matter how much I ignored it, so there was nothing for it but to just dive right in.

When do you write – authors tend to have a set routine, morning, lunchtime, night when do you write and why then? I have always been a morning writer. I tend to find that my brain works better early in the morning. These days, however, my writing has to fit in around the demands of my family, so generally I manage to squeeze in a couple of hours when my son is in creche or with his grandparents. If I’m lucky that’s in the morning, but I’m usually grateful for whatever time I can get. The only time I really struggle with is if I try to write in the evening. I’m usually so exhausted by then that I don’t manage to produce much of anything.

Where do you write – some people do it at a desk but some people do it at the kitchen table. Where do you do it? Um…I would love a writing space. I would love it! Unfortunately, our house isn’t huge so my work area has become subsumed into family life. We’re currently in the process of converting my study into a nursery for our new baby. So these days I write sitting on the sofa. It’s terrible for my back, but has kind of become my spot.

What do you write on – Apple or Windows? Laptop or desktop? Word or Scrivener? or anything else… For years I used a Windows laptop. Then, when I got my first deal, I decided to splash out on a MacBook. It actually took a bit of getting used to, but now I love it. It’s so much faster!

How much contact do you have with other writers – are you a solitary writer or do you have a writing group? I have been pretty solitary since I first started writing, which can be tough. But then I discovered the wonders of Twitter and have made friends with some fabulous writers who are so incredibly supportive. That and events such as Crimefest really make a massive difference to me, as I get to step out of my little bubble and meet with others who do what I do.

Finally – writing in coffee shops – yes or no ?! Absolutely not! I really can’t concentrate with that much hubbub surrounding me. I need my writing spot and – more problematically – an empty house.

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