Find the good… #findthegood

Life is stressful for lots of people at the moment. The endless gloomy weather we have had in the UK has underpinned a general feeling of dissatisfaction, if the news headlines and social networking sites are anything to go by.

In my own life, I am emerging from a bittersweet year when I got my dream book deal but lost my mum. I saw winter as a recovery time, and now I am blinking into the spring with the excitement of publication looming in September. I cannot wait. I’ve been thinking a lot about my character Caroline in Perfect Ten and her journey, and the lead character in the book I am writing, and the things they have in common is tenacity and endurance. Battling against adversity.

So now that the days are longer and lighter, I am embarking on a new 100 day project called #findthegood

Every day I am going to post something positive on social networking, something fab from my daily life that will lift me up and make me see how wonderful life is. Not every day is perfect, but this way every day will be lifted with positivity.

Join me. Tag me.

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