HONEST Systeme.io Review of 2022 Out of the box – first look from course building and marketing newbie

Are you new to digital marketing and looking for a way to host courses – and faced with hundreds of options? Are you looking for something easy to use?

I was. I’ve been looking for a way to bring my work in identity to an online course to help people for more than two years.

My problem is that I am not an expert in ‘funnels’ or email marketing – I have a basic knowledge of Mailchimp – and I’ve never built a course before. I looked around at software like Teachable, Learnworlds and Thinkfic and these seemed a little complicated and expensive for someone who want to start with one course and build. And I would need some kind of email marketing add-on.

If you are in the same situation, and struggling with choosing a host and separate email marketer, let me tell you what I have found with Systeme.io.

I know how it feels to be completely lost and confused in the course software market. Read on to find out how I solved this. I don’t usually do reviews, but I loved this product and I can envisage a long relationship…

Systeme.io Review

In this Systeme.io review, we take a closer look at this free all-inclusive funnel builder with email campaigns, sales funnels, landing pages, and marketing automation in one platform – out of the box!

By the end of this review, you should be able to decide if Systeme.io would work for starting your online course and marketing it – all in one place.

Who is Systeme.io best for?

Systeme.io is great for both beginners and seasoned business owners. In fact, Systeme.io is perhaps the easiest tool to use compared to the competition for an overall marketing platform.

I looked at so many programmes that were so much more expensive.

Systeme.io offers everything you need to start your online course and to market it to the people who need it.

Systeme.io summary

When you consider all of the benefits that you get in combination with the low price of Systeme.io, this all-in-one marketing platform becomes almost essential.

It’s not perfect, but since the starter plan is entirely free there is no risk in just trying it out.

After having a look around for this Systeme.io review, I bought the annual plan for $246 since it’s such a good deal.

Compare that to Kajabi which costs $149, per month! Learnworlds costs around $800 per year for the features I need and has no email marketing!

Systeme.io pricing

Let’s do a deeper dive into the pricing in our systeme.io review.

The free plan is great but limits certain things, like how many sales funnels you can create, email campaigns, custom domains you can connect, and membership sites you can create.

But you can create a course and market it for free – everything is unlocked from the start which is great!

With the free trial, it’s possible to manage one entire online business which is amazing.

Because all you really need is email automation, landing pages, a sales funnel, perhaps membership sites, and the possibility to take payments.

You’ll outgrow the free plan though, and the next step is the startup plan for $27/month which is a brilliant deal.

Need webinars in your business? Then the $47/month plan is what you need. This is still way cheaper than the alternatives, in fact, it’s half the price.

Systeme.io Features

Sales funnels

Systeme.io has a funnel builder that’s great to use, and it takes a lot of inspiration from Clickfunnels, which is arguable the best funnel builder on the market.

Compared to Kartra, another all-in-one marketing software, the page builder at Systeme.io is fast, making it easy to create anything.

Creating full-on sales funnels with multiple pages and steps is also super easy with a great overview of the whole process.

There are lots of pre-made templates to use, so even if you’re a beginner you’ll find something that fits your needs. I did!

The page builder is drag and drop, click and see what you get, zero coding is required.

Email marketing

Systeme.io would not be complete without an email marketing feature, and they do a good job of this as well.

You can create days worth of email sequences and automation. Combined with the page builder and the built-in opt-in forms, you have everything to collect visitors’ email addresses.

The email deliverability is also top-notch and you won’t have an issue with emails going to the spam folder.

Systeme.io also has a full-on contact management system where you see who opted in, what funnel they used, if they bought anything, etc.

Marketing automation

Automating your entire onboarding process is also great, and you can have a ton of advanced rules and features to choose from, things as “if->when” etc. which I have yet to get to grips with, but I am excited!

You can add custom tags to leads, build lists depending on what actions they take, and subscribe them to a membership area.

Membership sites

Want to slap on a complete membership portal as well? Well, that’s easy as well and in fact, you get one membership site even on the free plan of systeme.io!

This is the part I love. It is not intimidating and it has everything you need without being over-complicated.

You can set up courses in text and with videos, and the videos are hosted on Systeme.io as well, or just link to unlisted YouTube videos for ease of use.

Affiliate program

Want to run your own affiliate program for your courses and digital products? That’s also a feature inside Systeme.io that you have had from day one.

Set up your affiliate program structure, how much commissions they get for each sale, and manage affiliate links all inside Systeme.io.

Evergreen webinars

If you’re a heavy user of webinars then you’ll have to upgrade to the webinar plan for $47 /month in total.

It’s a great feature to have and ties in nicely with the sales pages, opt-ins, email marketing, and eventually the sales pages.

This is the plan I am upgrading to.

Systeme.io Pros.

  • All of the essential marketing tools are in one place.
  • Worth the investment compared to the competition.
  • Great customer service and support.
  • An active community ready to help out.
  • Constantly improving the platform.
  • No major technical issues, everything just works.
  • Streamlined and minimal design.
  • Built-in analytics and affiliate program.

Systeme.io Cons.

  • Not as polished and “high-end” as Kajabi.
  • Has no mobile app for the membership site – yet – but the team are rolling out upgrades all the time

Systeme.io Alternatives

No honest systeme.io review would be complete without comparing alternatives. Believe me, I have been scrolling all sorts of combinations for a long time so I know the capabilities and costs.

If you’re still unsure whether or not systeme.io is right for you, below are some of the top contenders:


The big brother of Systeme.io, both in quality, features, popularity, and price ($149 /month). Kajabi has been around for years, refined its platform, and even has a mobile app for members wanting to consume courses on the fly.


Another all-in-one marketing platform that is somewhere between Systeme.io and Kajabi for $99 /month. Kartra has insane amounts of automation and rules, and it’s for the most advanced marketers out there.


Hugely popular sales funnel builder, Clickfunnels is the hyped marketing automation on everyone’s list. But they lack certain features, like email marketing, which you’ll have to pay extra for each month.


Builderall is slightly pricier than Systeme.io, but the tools inside are a mess. Each tool is almost like a standalone application, which defeats the purpose of using one platform to streamline your workflow.


Not brilliant there are better alternatives.

Now for the great bit… customer service

If you are a beginner like me, you will need some help – even with the simplest course software.

I found Systeme.io from someone who loved it very much and left a brilliant review. Because I was confused about course software and this seemed too good to be true, I email customer services with some questions.

They replied with a comprehensive answer within 3 hours EVEN THOUGH I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT!

I signed up for the free programme and took it for a test drive. I received a welcome email with a Facebook like – when I joined I saw the absolute enthusiasm for Systeme.io and the quickly answered queries.

Their customer support is really great. They also have a full knowledge base and videos to watch if you are unsure.


It does everything without the expensive whistles and bells!

I am looking forward to getting going with this and creating my course – after two years of indecision I am finally starting to realise my dream thanks to Systeme.io! Do yourself a favour and sign up here:

I am looking forward to getting going with this and creating my course – after two years of indecision I am finally starting to realise my dream thanks to Systeme.io! Do yourself a favour and sign up here: