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It’s all about me! Or is it?

I’ve been running a programme called ‘The ‘Me’ Project!’ for a while now and it’s been hugely successful. Rather than changing X drastically in Y number of weeks, it develops a change in thinking over time. As a narrative psychologist and a researcher I have kept track of the ways people have changed through the duration of the programme, and afterwards.

The programme focuses on taking time out to explore your inner voice and what you really want from life. Various ways of isolating the inner self away from others are used to really block out the white noise of the world and to really focus on you! For some people, the informal way that the programme works, which is fairly unstructured, gives them the freedom to run this alongside their everyday lives. In fact, this is useful as it allows for comparison and realisation of the effects other people have on your life.

It really is self-help in the true sense of the world – it helps you to help your ‘self’.

I’ve carried a keyring with the mantra ‘it’s all about me’ for years now. It feels a little bit naughty to think about myself in a world where I’m constantly told I should think mainly about others, but it’s worked for me. I’m a big supporter of personal responsibility and ‘The ‘Me’ Project’ has worked with other people who have made major life revelations through this personal development.

The rationale for the programme was, ironically, to help people. I have knowledge and I wanted to pass it on. In return I hoped I would see others benefit. Because I am working with the inner voice and with thinking, these benefits are not always obvious to me – after all, it’s isn’t me that is developing, I am the facilitator for the developmental knowledge. Sometimes, however I receive a clear signal that someone has had a breakthrough.

Yesterday, a woman who I have been working with, someone who’s confidence has been low and who life has been, until now, dull and soulless for a long time (she gave me permission to write this, I would never disclose otherwise) told me that she had felt love for herself for the first time in twenty years.

‘The ‘Me’ Project’ is all about focusing on your ‘self’ and it worked for me and my client. Some may see the premise as narcissistic, but for me it proves that even the most focused of thought on oneself results in better relationships with others. Through the programme the the woman I was working with helped me to see that my place in the world was fruitful; that whilst it is ‘all about me’, even in this thinking dynamic it’s still about helping others – but in a more focused way.

I’ve written the programme into a book that I am in the process of trying to sell and this explains more fully why this dynamic works so well, but the old adage ‘how can you love others if you don’t love yourself?’ comes to mind.

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One thought on “It’s all about me! Or is it?

  1. Oh, Jacqui – another book I’m adding to my wish list. And I never read Self Help(?) books – but this struck a chord – especially after recent events. And Del’s always loved himself, never a self-doubter and he’s amazingly centred because of it and everyone loves him – so it’s proof – it’s just the getting there that’s the hard stuff. Great post. x

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