Countdown week – Meet DS Jan Pearce

It’s countdown week to the release of Playlist for a Paper Angel, the second novel in the DS Jan Pearce series and on day 1 we meet Jan herself. Jan is a complex character, a working police officer who cares deeply about her family.

In the first book in the series, Random Acts of Unkindness, Jan is searching for her son, Aiden. She’s an experienced Detective Sergeant living in the North West of England and she’s dedicated to her job.

Like most of us, she’s not infallible, she makes mistakes, but she has a deep sense of integrity and social justice. Jan pushes through problems and shares the inner turmoil of the missing son, her divorce and he difficulties of her job with readers.

Jan’s special skills is her in-depth understanding of the signs and signals of the criminal world and how these translate into signposts. She’s attuned to the world and to the balance of right and wrong.

In Playlist for a Paper Angel, Jan is recovering from Operation Prophesy, the case she solved in Random Acts of Unkindness. Aiden is still missing and her next case seems far removed from Sean Conneley and his special brand of evil. Jan works with profiler Damien Booth to find out what a playlist and a paper angel mean when a young girl is found abandoned on a busy street.

Playlist for a Paper Angel explores motherhood and the power of music to communicate emotions. Jan’s a strong woman and her playlist would be a mixture of old to remember her former life with Sal and Aiden and even a time before that, and new as a nod to her new-found resolve in the future.

The prequel to the DS Jan Pearce series will be released in March 2017 – you can find out how and why Jan got to work in Manchester!

Jan’s playlist:

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