My Top Ten Books of 2017 (in ten words each)

2017 was a strange year as I spent more time writing and editing than reading. Even so, I did manage to keep up with the Goodreads Book challenge. No one wants to read a long review, so here are my Top Ten books of the year in ten words each.

So, my favourite book of 2017 was…


Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett
Ex singer making a comeback revisits her dark past. 

And in reverse order…

2. The Widow by Fiona Barton
A woman’s seemingly happy marriage is not what it seems.

3. The Night Visitor by Lucy Atkins
Unlikely research partnership ends in a series of devastating incidents.

4. Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant
Soon to be homeless penniless narrator lies once too often.

5. Try Not to Breath by Holly Seddon
Reporter gets more than she bargains for investigating comatose girl.

6. In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green
A troubled woman inherits as house from a suicidal stranger.

7. Exquisite by Sarah Stovell
Beautifully set novel about a writer who becomes quite deluded.

8. Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan
Dark thriller with menacing characters and a twist gripping story.

9. The Break by Marian Keyes
Brilliant family based scenario with great twists and warm humour.

10. Stories for Homes Anthology
Great short stories and flash fiction raising money for Shelter (with a story from me in here!)

All these books are well worth reading – why not give them a try? Next year my reading target is slightly higher, and I will be back mid-year with my Summer recommendations.


Jacqueline ward is a writer and psychologist from Manchester. Here debut psychological thriller Perfect ten will be published by Corvus Atlantic Books in September 2018.