NaNoWriMo 2014 – What I got from completing National Novel Writing Month

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileSo it’s the end of November and how did I do at National Novel Writing Month? Well, I won. I sat down and typed words every day in November. I also wrote some short stories in November, but didn’t include these in my word count, as wanted to stay true to the ‘novel’ aspect of NaNoWriMo.  I wrote 50890 words of my novel. But here’s the deal. It’s 50890 words.


What it isn’t:

It isn’t a complete novel. This novel will check in around 110000 words first draft.
It’s nowhere near good enough to show anyone
It isn’t a work of art – yet!
It isn’t even properly structured or fully plotted
It isn’t my final cast of characters

What it is:

It’s 50890 words written in one month. That’s a lot of words. I’ll probably use about 30k of them
It’s writing every day
It’s the outline of a story
It’s a good editing opportunity
It’s a good start for a project
It’s something to work on

Showing up and getting words down is part of the battle. And that’s what I did with November. Onwards….