Opening a New Bag of Optimism…

There’s already talk of New Year resolutions and reflections on 2010, but the mood for 2011 seems far from optimistic. So I’m going to lift your spirits by opening an new bag of optimism for the start of a new year.

For me, 2010 brought a range of new experiences, both good and bad. I spent some time in hospital and had more time away from my work than I would have liked. On the other hand, I met some fantastic new people who have enhanced my life.

It emerged about halfway through the year that my workplace would move, and as a creature of habit I was a little unsettled by this. However, it’s happened now and I now work in a lovely environment – the move wasn’t difficult at all. It seems that even though I suspected otherwise, I can easily adapt to change. I learned a lot about myself and others in 2010 and some more pieces of the jigsaw dropped into place. So I start 2011 in a happy place.

I’m almost recovered from my health issues, working in a wonderful environment and happy at home with my partner. While I was at physiotherapy last year I was feeling sorry for myself and adapting to the news that I would have permanent damage to my leg. As I waited in the reception area for my therapist to come through, a young man with an artificial left leg walked in and sat down next to me. He pointed at an older man sitting in the corner, also with an artificial leg, and said, ‘Poor bugger, always someone worse off than yourself, isn’t there?’ I couldn’t avoid looking at his own limb and wondering what he meant. He continued. ‘I mean, I’ve got all my life ahead of me, young and fit, to learn how to adapt to this. Must be harder when you’re older, with arthritis and stuff.’

So my theme for 2011, inspired by the young man in the physio clinic, is optimism, change and adaptation. After all, nothing is set in stone and there’s always someone worse off than yourself, if you can just look around for a moment.