Write to Health

There are so many health and wellbeing issues, both at work and in people’s personal lives that are difficult to express. Employment hierarchies, white-coat syndrome or embarrassment, it is often difficult to tell other people just how you feel about your health issues.

Yet it is so important for day-to-day wellbeing that you have a health plan and that this is communicated to those around you. Your health identity is formed around not only personal and interpersonal aspects but also societal and institutional experiences. So it is equally important that workplaces, organisations and social spaces fully understand the health needs of everyone.

My work involves building a bridge between the health stories of individuals and the health regulations and rules of organisations. This is expressed in a Write to Health Manifesto which can be included in health, diversity and inclusion policies and Human Resource procedures.

Write for Health includes:

  • a bespoke interview process with individuals at your organisation
  • analysis of excellence and failings in understanding health and wellbeing needs
  • reporting on improvement
  • a Write to Health Manifesto including individual and corporate views and how these have been negotiated for circulation to everyone in your organisation

Please contact me for more information and costs.


Jacqueline is an expert in Health Psychology at Doctorate level. she is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist and in a member of the Society of Authors.

She is also a Practising Health Psychologist licenced by the Health Care Professionals Council and is DBS (Enhanced) checked.

She is also a bestselling storyteller and author.

In 2013 she received an MBE for services to vulnerable people.