Silver Linings and Teenage Kicks…

I have some news. During lockdown I needed to move away from writing darker psychological thrillers and I wrote two more uplifting novels about friendship. I am so delighted to tell you that I have signed a two book deal with SpellBound Books Ltd.

The first book, Teenage Kicks, to publish in March 2023, spans the 1978 Manchester music scene to today as two friends, Kaye and Janet, search for Kaye’s lead-singer sister Stella but find much, much more.

This and the second book, also set in the music industry, are very close to my heart and my deep, deep love of music. I am so pleased to work with Spellbound Books on this project and, after speaking to Sumaira Wilson, I absolutely know that she and Nikki and the Spellbound Team with their amazing energy are the right people to publish these novels.

Thank you to my agent Judith Murray everyone who supported me while writing these novels – I can’t wait for you to meet Kaye and Janet ❤️📚