Social networking and the art of conversation

I spend lots of time on social networking sites, partly because I have met lots of lovely people on there and partly because they are a great way to communicate my work. I wonder sometimes, though, if they are ‘drains’ on time as much as people who make demands are ‘time suckers’? Is social networking taking so much time that it is negating my ability to think innovatively?

As an experiment, I’m going to stay away from Facebook and Twitter for one week! It will be difficult, as I consider both a place for ‘meeting’ with people I really like and enjoy the musings of, but my hypothesis is this:

Will I, by staying away from social networking sites, become more productive and more able to think clearly?

It remains to be seen. I’ll still be blogging so look out for updates (on Facebook and Twitter ironically as this blog autoposts there!)

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