Stopping and looking around..

Advice about achieving your dreams and having a happy life are centered on moving forward – onwards and upwards. We often feel like we have nothing, or not enough, and that we have empty lives that we must fill with ‘something more’. Sometimes, though, it’s good to look around and really appreciate what you have.

One problem that arises with stopping and looking around is that although we can physically stop, stand still and glance around, our minds are still racing to the next thing on the list.

So how can we stop our minds racing? A very effective way of focusing on the moment and how valuable our life is, is to sit down alone with a pen, maybe coloured pencils, and a sheet of paper and a ruler. There is no need to make lists – just write down the words anywhere in any order.

1. Write down all the people in your life – and one reason you value them

2. Write down all the objects you like

3. Write down all the things you like to do

4. Write down all the things you are grateful for

Draw a line to join all the words that have a connection. For instance, you might have ‘mother’ and ‘shopping’ – if you like shopping with your mother draw a line. You might use your ‘car’ for this – that’s another connection. The page should look quite complex now, with a jumble of words and lines.

Now turn the page over to the blank side of the piece of paper. This is what it is like to have nothing. The rich complexity of connections on the other side of the page is your contribution to life, and its to you. You may want more, but it’s a good feeling to realise how much we already have, isn’t it?