Ideas for your novel – something old or something new?

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There’s a dilemma lots of writers face when researching ideas for a novel. We can easily see what’s successful and it’s tempting to follow the trend. Then again, a novel needs a unique concept in order to catch the attention of an agent or publisher. So is there a middle way? It’s true that the […]

Scrivener – what is it good for?

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I’ll declare my own position right now: I’m a big fan of Scrivener. When I started writing I was more than happy with standard word processing software such as Word. After all, I’ve used a typewriter and after deploying Tippex and correction tape the ability to delete a word immediately is a miracle in itself! […]

Writing: Letting go and starting again

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The process of creating a novel is much longer and has many more stages than just writing. Writing ‘The End’ is rarely the actual end of the process. Editing. Then more editing. Then proofreading. Maybe even a rewrite. Even after the final copy has been emailed or posted to whoever will see it first there […]