Writing for story or writing for genre?

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I’ve always been confused about what category my stories fall into. I used to think they were ‘chick lit’ but, as I’ve written before, they became too dark. Then I thought that I would write ‘crime’. Sometimes it came out as ‘gritty women’s fiction’. Then, somehow, I wrote a speculative fiction novel. When I started […]

NaNoWriMo 2014 – What I got from completing National Novel Writing Month

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So it’s the end of November and how did I do at National Novel Writing Month? Well, I won. I sat down and typed words every day in November. I also wrote some short stories in November, but didn’t include these in my word count, as wanted to stay true to the ‘novel’ aspect of […]

Ideas for your novel – something old or something new?

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There’s a dilemma lots of writers face when researching ideas for a novel. We can easily see what’s successful and it’s tempting to follow the trend. Then again, a novel needs a unique concept in order to catch the attention of an agent or publisher. So is there a middle way? It’s true that the […]