Thankful Thursday: a few good things

I’m thankful for loving. Not love, because I have my reservations about the greeting-card socially constructed model of ‘love’ that fuels jealousy and obsession and is on the opposite dialectic to hate. More of a action of loving, because it feels good. Whatever drives people in loving, where people have a mutual respect and would never dream of hurting each other in any way, whatever they chose to feel that way about without necessarily having to hang a label on it to qualify it with rules, then this is what I am thankful for.

Which brings me to another goof thing. Freedom. It’s a wonderful moment when you realise that you have a position in life, something that feels good for you, a definite identity, but declaring that you are ‘right’ is taking it a step too far, as this implies that other people are wrong. I’m happy that in the place where I live I am able to look at another person’s point of view and turn it around – maybe I don’t like the concept and and I will shout loudly about that and protest (the concept not the person, big difference) – but by always granting it consideration and respect I am free. If I argue myself into a tight little corner where I am ‘right’ all I am doing is backing myself into the prison of my own inflexible thinking.