Welcome to my website. You’ll find a blog about creative writing and news about my books, scripts and short stories.

I write crime fiction, psychological thrillers and speculative fiction. I also write short stories and flash fiction, and scripts for film and TV.

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WWhat I Left Behind Jacqueline Wardhat I Left Behind, the prequel to the DS Jan Pearce Series is on Kindle Scout – PLEASE NOMINATE – if it is selected you will receive a free copy!



My first crime novel, Random Acts of Unkindness, which was selected for publication by Kindle Press in 2016 and recently became an Amazon Bestseller, is available here in ebook, paperback and hardback.

Read Chapter One here for free.


My second crime novel in the DS Jan Pearce series, Playlist for a Paper Angel, the sequel to Random Acts of Unkindness is available here in ebook and paperback


My Blogdating back more than five years, contains writing tips, opinion pieces and book reviews, as well as articles about how I became a writer and what influenced me.

You canfollow me on Twitter for updates @jacquiannc – a link to my Twitter feed is in the right sidebar. My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/JACauthor

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